Electrical Audits

Commercial & REsidential

Issues with your electrical infrastructure can cause property damage and even death.  Do you have concerns about the current electrical infrastructure in your building? Adex Electrical can survey your current infrastructure and provide you with a report of items that need correction along with pricing on the costs for any needed repairs.  Furthermore, if your infrastructure is up to par and needs no upgrades and/or changes, we will not try and pressure you into spending additional money!

service Work

Commercial & REsidential

Do you have outlets that have quit working? Do you have lights that are out? Were you the victim of a lightning strike? Repairs are only a phone call away!

Lighting Retrofits

Commercial & Residential

Did you know that Delmarva Power has incentives for commercial customers who reduce their lighting loads by installing new LED & fluorescent fixtures?  Depending on the project, you can retrofit your building with little or no money out of pocket!  Not only will you benefit from having improved lighting in your building but you will also have a lower energy cost!  Residential customers are not privy to the incentives; however, changes in your light fixtures can still benefit you by reducing your electric bill.  Call today and Adex Electrical can, along with one of our partners, provide you with an audit of your current building lighting and hopefully put more money back in your pocket!

Elevator Upgrades

commercial & residential

When elevators are upgraded there is a lot of additional electrical work associated with the modifications that is not handled by an elevator company.  Adex Electrical is up-to-date on the elevator codes associated with this electrical work and can help your elevator upgrade progress smoothly.

Fire Alarm & Security


Has your building been inspected by the Fire Marshal and received a notice to correct deficiencies?  Are you upgrading your buildings fire alarm and/or security system and your current provider does not do any wiring?  Let us help.  Adex Electrical is familiar with numerous manufacturers fire alarm & security systems and is capable of providing wiring for them.  If you need fire alarm or security systems installed in your building, we can assist with that as well through our contacts with various fire alarm/security system providers.

New Construction

Commercial & Residential

Are you building a new home, garage, pole building, retail store, etc.?  If so Adex Electrical can help you with all your wiring needs from general electrical wiring, service equipment installation as well as low voltage systems such as lighting systems, fire alarm & security, & even telephone/IT wiring. 


Commercial & Residential

Keep your business up and running when the power is out or be the envy of your neighbors when the power is out and you are still watching TV!